General terms


Completion of the accommodation contract


The lodging agreement is binding completed when the accommodation ordered and confirmed (confirmation) is.

The booking can be made verbally, in writing, by phone or e-mail.

Bookings can be made through the booking party guest also for all in the book with listed persons for whose contractual obligations the booker guest einsteht as for his own obligations.


Services, prices and payment


The amounts owed by the tourist accommodation services result exclusively from the booking offer in conjunction with the information in the catalog and on the company homepage.

The stated prices are final and include all utilities.


The agreed price is due on day of arrival or in advance.


Rental and departure


On arrival the apartment is the landlord to the tenant from 15:00 clock.


On departure day the tenant will hand over the apartment to the landlord by 10:00 clock vacated in a tidy and well-swept state. With the consent of the landlord of the time of departure can be laid.

Here, the tenant still has to do the following work itself: rinsing the dishes and emptying the trash.

The landlord reserves the right to charge for exceptional pollution this. These are usually 15, - €. The final cleaning fee is included in the price.


All keys are personally handed over.


The landlord or his representative have the right, on departure day to carry out an inspection and acceptance.




The conclusion of the accommodation contract commits both parties to fulfill the contract, no matter for how long the contract is completed.

The guest nevertheless withdraws from the contract, he is obliged to notify to the 14th day before the commencement of the lease the landlord.

After that and no-show a general reimbursement of falls for the already incurred by the landlord expenses and lost profits in the following amounts to:       80% of the total


The declaration of withdrawal must be sent to the accommodation provider and should be in writing in the interests of the guest.


Termination by the landlord


The landlord can the contract before or after commencement of the lease without notice terminate if the tenant, despite prior warning the payments agreed upon does the period prescribed or otherwise violates the contract to such an extent, that is the landlord can not be expected to continue the contractual relationship.

In this case, may require the tenant compensation of expenses incurred up to and including termination and loss of profits of the landlord.




The accommodation provider is liable for the proper performance of the contractually agreed performance. Assigns the rented apartment a defect, which goes beyond a mere inconvenience, the guest must notify the owner of the accommodation or his representative of the defect immediately to allow the accommodation provider a rectification of defects. If the Guest this announcement shall have no claims are for non-performance of contractual services to (in particular to claims for a reduction in rent).


For which is introduced by the tenant ownership No liability is accepted by the landlord.


Obligations of the tenant


The tenant agrees to treat the accommodation together with inventory with the greatest care. For culpable damage to furnishings, rented premises or the building, as well as belonging to the building equipment, the lessee is liable to pay compensation, if it has been culpably caused by him or his companions or visitors.


If there is damage of any kind in the apartment, the landlord must be immediately informed. The tenant is liable for the damage caused.

Parents are responsible for their children.


Any damage caused by the tenant, which amount to a total loss, it has to pay the full replacement cost. Should a liability insurance exist, the message is to make insurance. The owner is the name and tell the address and social security number of the insurance in writing.

In case of damage, which amount to a total loss, for which the liability insurance occurs, the tenant is the difference from that of the insurance.


paid value and the cost to pay. The landlord reserves the right at the expense of the party responsible for order in the event of a dispute an appraiser.


The apartment may only be used by the persons listed in the booking.


For the duration of the lease the apartment the tenant is obliged to keep at leaving the house, windows and doors closed to regulate the heater at low speed and off light and technical equipment.


In the toilet and processes no waste may (also hygiene items), harmful liquids and the like thrown or -cast. If due to non-compliance with these provisions blockages in the sewage pipes, so the polluter bears the cost of repair.


Please leave the kitchen as you found it. Pots, cutlery, and household appliances such as egg cooker Reset in purified, dry into place.


The waste must be sorted according to plan in the apartment.



Other / apartments


We have set up our apartment with a lot of care and love. So other guests have the opportunity to enjoy this ambience, we ask you to treat the apartment and the facility carefully and with care.


The apartment is a Non smoking apartment. Smoking is only allowed outdoors and smoking waste must be disposed of in the bins provided.

Contravention of the landlord is entitled to the apartment without notice to terminate and pass on the damages to the guest without deduction.


Pets are not allowed.


We ask our guests to protect the soil, not to wear outdoor shoes in the apartment.


The programming of the satellite TV system is not changing.


TV and audio devices are set to low volume.


The moving furniture is not permitted, because it can lead to unnecessary damage and wear to the furniture and flooring. For damage to the floor by moving furniture (wardrobes, beds, etc.) the tenant is liable.

Do you want to change the chairs, this is no problem. We ask for

Restoring the original condition at the end of your stay. Also attaching own decorative items on the walls is prohibited.


For stays of 8 days, we allow ourselves to clean the apartment 1 time a week: cleaning of bathroom and the kitchen work surface, dusting and cleaning if necessary the soil.

We also provide new towels and ready to make the bed fresh.


The landlord and his officers have a right of access to any timely the apartment, especially in exigent circumstances or necessary repairs.

On the legitimate interests of the lessee is appropriate to take into consideration in the exercise of access rights.



The lessor is the lessee on the exercise of access right information in advance, unless this is it unreasonable or impossible in the circumstances of the individual case.


In case of loss of housing and house keys the tenant is liable at 100 €, because the cylinder must be replaced completely.



Choice of Law and Jurisdiction


It is governed by German law. For all disputes arising from this contract and its performance to the extent legally permitted, the jurisdiction of the court at the location of the accommodation




Salvatoric Clause


Should one of the Hire conditions described above be legally invalid, these will be replaced by the relevant statutory provisions. The other rental conditions remain unaffected and continue to be valid.

Otherwise, the statutory provisions apply.



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